William Davis Homes has proposals for residential development on Dunston Grange, which will extend to the west from the existing Skylarks development off Dunston Lane. The proposals involve the erection of up to 500 additional new homes, reserve land for a potential primary school, a Local Centre and significant areas of open space including the reinstatement of the cricket pitch and pavilion.

We are keen to involve local people in shaping our ideas for the development of this allocated development site that is identified in the Chesterfield Borough Council Local Plan (2018-2035).  This website provides details of the emerging proposals for the site.  You can leave any comments you may have about the proposals on the ‘Make Your Views Known’ page.


The Need for Development:

Nationally we are facing a growing housing shortage as people are living longer and in smaller households.  There are not enough homes being built to meet the demand and as a result there is a need to boost the supply of new homes.  Demand for housing in Chesterfield is high. Chesterfield Borough Council therefore needs to ensure that new homes are provided to meet the needs of existing and future residents.  To meet this need, the Council have allocated the site at Dunston Grange in their Local Plan as a sustainable location for residential development for approximately 500 dwellings.


The Dunston Grange site was chosen by Chesterfield Borough Council to assist the delivery of these future housing requirements in a sustainable way because the site is well related to the existing settlement and is within easy reach of a range of services and facilities.

Make your views known

Your thoughts and views are important and we look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your interest.